Break up scar tissue

Although it’s healthy for the body to generate scar tissue when injured, it’s not painless for the patient. A cut on the body or surgical incision is often healed by the body generating scar tissue. It’s important to understand this because the patient will be able to manage their expectations alongside the scar tissue healing process. The body is able to heal itself just fine, even if the patient experiences some pain or discomfort during the healing process. Have you been experiencing back or shoulder pain? If so, you may have scar tissue. If you’ve experienced trauma to the area, your body may have been forced to overproduce your own collagen to repair the area. This can lead to hard, dry, and sometimes itchy tissue in your shoulders or back. While you can do massages and hot wet compresses to try to soften and break up the scar tissue, it can go away with a little laser scar tissue therapy.
Our laser will break up the scar tissue and will ease the pain you’re experiencing.

It works through precisely targeted laser pulses that break up scar tissue. This way, scars have a better chance of resting flat on the skin, which will improve their appearance. We have special laser treatment packages that give you discounts when you get a series of treatments. This can help you save money while you get better results!

Our laser can be used to ensure that patients with persistent pain will begin to feel the benefits of removing scar tissue! We often recommend our patients use a laser to break up the scar tissue so that it does not cause pain. Using our laser treatment can help you get rid of this pain and discomfort! There are special laser packages available in our facility to help you get discounts on multiple treatments.

If you’re considering getting this affordable treatment, then you should contact us today! We are a team of professionals and we can provide you with the best care. We have had years of helping patients of all ages and different skin types get rid of their unsightly stretch marks. In fact, we would like to schedule a consultation with you to see how we can address your concerns. We can help you find the best laser treatment packages and promotions so you can save money!